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Students' Services (secondary)


Students' Services open from 7.45 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. and welcome students, parents and staff. If you wish to send us any questions, inform about absences or tardiness, ask for a punctual exit authorization, please contact the Students' Services.

Responsibilities of Students' Services:

  • Responsible for controlling pupils' attendance, organization of the supervisory staff service, pupils' movements, application of internal rules to ensure safety.
  • Collaboration with the teaching staff: exchanges of information with the teachers on the behavior and on the pupil's activity and results, their working conditions, joint research into the origin of their potential difficulties and the necessary interventions to enable them to overcome the difficulties, monitoring of the homeroom classes, collaboration in college counseling.
  • Education: relationships and direct contacts with students on a collective and individual level (behavior, work, personal problems ...), organization of cultural activities, clubs, ...


Tania Selemani

**Dean of Students

Phone: +968 24 34 88 20


The rules

Here you will find the various internal regulations that govern life at the French International School of Muscat.

Anti-Harassment Policy


Internal rules of primary school


Internal Rules of the School Council of the LFIM


Internal rules of secondary school


Library Rules



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