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The school project.

The 2022-2026 school plan is LFIM's roadmap for the next four years. It was developed throughout the 21/22 school year based on a shared diagnosis.

Three axes have been defined:

For each axis, objectives have been established.

Actions have been proposed to help achieve each of the defined objectives.

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Elementary school

From grade 1 to grade 5, elementary school offers children, in a caring environment, fundamental learning tools allowing them to achieve academically and socially.

  • In elementary school, thanks to the support of teachers and their families, students develop mastery of the French language and the first constituent elements of mathematics which are essential elements for developing and enriching their skills.
  • The school takes into account with a positive outlook the plurality and diversity of the aptitudes of each pupil.
  • The reasoning, the sense of observation, the taste for experimentation, empathy, motor skills and creative imagination are developed.

Our teaching program: 5 areas of learning

Following the curriculum of the French Ministry of Education, within the framework of the accreditation, our teaching is articulated around the 5 areas of learning:

  • Languages to think and communicate.
  • Methods and tools to learn.
  • The training of the person and the citizen.
  • Natural systems and technical systems.
  • Representations of the world and human activity

This teaching is implemented at the Lycée Français International de Mascate by qualified teachers, in modern facilities, with kindness and a positive outlook on the child, while taking into account the diversity of the students.


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