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The school project.

The 2022-2026 school plan is LFIM's roadmap for the next four years. It was developed throughout the 21/22 school year based on a shared diagnosis.

Three axes have been defined:

For each axis, objectives have been established.

Actions have been proposed to help achieve each of the defined objectives.

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The first steps towards a child's academic success.

The main mission of the kindergarten is to make children want to go to school to learn, and to reveal their personality. The 3 years establish the educational and pedagogical foundations on which the future learning of students is based and developed for their entire schooling: learning by playing, socializing, strengthening the mother tongue by developing other language resources.

A unique cycle, fundamental for everyone's success.

Organized in a single cycle, KG is the first step in ensuring the success of all students in a school that is fair for all and demanding for everyone. It adapts to young children taking into account their development and builds bridges between family and school. It organizes specific learning methods by setting up various situations: problem solving, training, memorization. Play has a special place, it promotes the richness of lived experiences and feeds all areas of learning. Kindergarten also allows children to live together: it ensures a first acquisition of the principles of living together and allows the child to build themselves as a unique person within a group.

French education curriculum specific to kindergarten.

The curriculum allows adaptation to the development and progress specific to each student while proposing ambitious objectives:

  • The practice of a positive evaluation in which the child is directly involved to identify their successes.
  • Mastery of the French language within the framework of the subjects taught.
  • Problem solving and critical thinking activities.
  • Development of memorization and motor skills.
  • Work on the affirmation and development of the child's personality in their relationship with others.

The 5 areas of learning.

  • Mobilize language in all its dimensions.
  • Acting, expressing oneself, understanding through physical activity.
  • Acting, expressing oneself, understanding through artistic activities.
  • Build the first tools to structure thinking (field of mathematics).
  • Explore the world (science field).


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