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The International French School of Muscat (LFiM) welcomes students from the small section of kindergarten to the final class. They can continue their education anywhere in the world, without interruption, thanks to the LFiM's membership of the EFE (French Education Abroad) network.

In 2023 the French education network abroad includes 580 schools in 139 countries, with 391,000 students, one-third of whom are French and two-thirds of other nationalities. All these schools are approved by the French Ministry of Education and Youth.

These accredited schools, which make up the network of French schools abroad (EFE), embody humanist values - tolerance, equality between boys and girls, equal opportunity, intellectual curiosity, promotion of critical thinking... - and offer a seamless education from kindergarten through to the baccalaureate. As part of a dynamic, attractive and open international network, they offer a particularly enriching education.


Our Mission

The International French School of Muscat is the Sultanate of Oman's unique French school. At LFIM, we are committed to providing a high-quality multilingual education to students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, in a welcoming, warm, stimulating and inclusive environment.

We seek not only to teach but also aspire to cultivate curiosity, creativity and critical thinking in our students, which are essential skills for thriving in a constantly evolving world. We also believe in the importance of installing fundamental values of tolerance, respect and civility to promote humanistic values and enable students to succeed. Our mission is to guide each and every student in becoming an active and well rounded citizen, both in the classroom and beyond, so that they may become the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

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The International French School of Muscat is managed by a parent association according to the Omani Ministry Of Education guidelines regarding foreign schools. The parent association has signed an administrative, financial and educational agreement with the AEFE (the Agency that manages the French Schools network outside of France). This agreement covers the assignment and remuneration of permanent staff from the French Ministry of Education, as well as the allocation of subsidies. The school is managed by a board of directors (voting members: 5 elected parents / non voting members: the school principal, a representative of the French embassy, 2 experts named by the French embassy).

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