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The school project.

The 2022-2026 school plan is LFIM's roadmap for the next four years. It was developed throughout the 21/22 school year based on a shared diagnosis.

Three axes have been defined:

For each axis, objectives have been established.

Actions have been proposed to help achieve each of the defined objectives.

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Bristish International Section

At LFIM, students may be enrolled in the BIS (British International Section) from Gr1 to Gr5. Students enrolled in the BIS are taught the core syllabus as well as well as extra classes taught in English.


The British International Section offers students an intensive English language learning experience. The International Section adapts the curriculum of the French Ministry of National Education and the National British Curriculum to create a high quality education framework and a dynamic curriculum to meet the needs of our international students. The International Section promotes the accomplishment of language fluency through activities and purposeful experiences.

International sections are bilingual and bicultural programs set up by the French Ministry of Education, in cooperation with partner countries (Great Britain here). Their distinctive feature is that they integrate into the French system not only the language, but also the culture and pedagogical support of the partner country.


The British International Section :

  • Gives students the opportunity to work on original projects, join a group of motivated students and develop oral skills more regularly.
  • Allows students to explore their multilingualism and pluriculturalism.
  • Facilitates the mobility and open-mindedness of students.

The purpose of the training provided in international sections is to facilitate the integration and welcoming of foreign pupils into the French education system, and to train French pupils in the in-depth practice of a foreign language, in particular through the use of this language in certain subjects.


The British International section is open to pupils whose ability, particularly linguistic ability, to follow this type of education has been verified and deemed sufficient.


At the end of grade 5, the expected level corresponds to the B1 in speaking and to the A2 CECRL level in spoken and written understanding.

Students have 5/6 hours of English lessons per week: – 2/3 hours of English Language (2 in cycle 2 and 3 in cycle 3) – 3 Hours of EMILE (CLIL)

L’EMILE (Enseignement d’une Matière Intégré à une Langue Etrangère), or Content Language Integrated learning (CLIL) in English, is the delivery of foundation subjects within the French curriculum in English. EMILE is taught in English by one English teacher and one French teacher together. The additional skills that are developed in this lesson center around navigating and solving problems through the two languages.


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